DalyHudson Building Surveying & Architecture

Based in Kildare & Wicklow, we offer a number of Building Surveying services including Structural Surveys, Condition Reports, Home Buyers Reports, and Dilapidation Reports. Our architectural services include Initial Design of domestic extensions, residential, commercial and industrial projects, Planning Permission Applications, BER Assessments, DACs and Housing Adaptation Grants.

When it comes to purchasing , renovating or designing your own property we understand the importance of making one of the biggest decisions you are ever likely to make & at DalyHudson we are here to help make those decisions a little clearer. We consider ourselves to be highly capable & professional, we also understand the need for our services, designs & reporting to be easily interpreted & understood by all. We work with an open honest attitude & understand that our clients are the most important component in making our business a success & we will do everything in our power to include you in the process & guiding you through your project from start to finish.

Our professional surveyors and designers are highly proficient in the use of the latest technology & equipment to carry out detailed site surveys and designs. Our standard building and site surveys include the use of non-destructive equipment such as Thermal Imaging cameras, Moisture meters, Relative Humidity metres, Decibel (Sound) & Lux (Light) metres, Laser levelling & Theodolite all of which will be address with in the final report.

As professional Registered Building Surveyors we understand the requirements & benefits to carrying out a detailed building assessment. For example the surveyor would typically spend at least 3 hours plus on an average 3 bed semidetached property working their way through every aspect of the buildings structure, fabric & services using the latest surveying equipment as described above. Once we are sure our investigation has been fully explored onsite and no further inspection is required we would hope to compile & create the final report within a matter of days.

We are RIAI and SCSI registered, and are trained to the highest standards in architectural design, construction technology and current Building Regulations.

As Registered Building Surveyors and Registered Architectural Technologists, it is our belief that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of our associated memberships are essential for the professional to keep up to date with changing technologies and standards in order to offer our clients the best service possible.


Mark Daly  BSc. (Hons) B.Surv. Surv. B.Tech. Cons.Mgmt. H.Cert. Cons.Tech. SCSI/RICS (B0300)

Mark is a Registered Building Surveyor and Assigned Certifier with a First Class Honours Degrees in Building Surveying, Construction Management & Construction Technology.

With over fifteen years solid experience and having previously worked for a variety of professional firms within the construction industry Mark has gained a comprehensive knowledge of construction techniques and methods, building pathology and defect analysis.

Mark has extensive experience in the preparation of detailed reports as well as an in depth knowledge of current building regulations & technical guidance documents.


Jolene Daly  BSc. Arch. Tech. RIAI (Arch.Tech.) RIAI PSDP

Jolene is an RIAI registered Architectural Technologist with a Bsc. Degree in Architectural Technology, an RIAI recognised PSDP and a FETAC approved Site Assessor.

Jolene became involved in private practice after gaining many years experience working with several architectural and engineering firms.

Jolene has a wide range of experience in projects which encompass all aspects of a professional architects practice, including private and public housing, commercial and industrial buildings, extensions and refurbishments, school renovations, hotels and leisure projects.